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Kickstart your 2023!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We've been here before haven't we?

The New Year ticks over, we're steaming with motivation, we WANT to get our health back on track 'this year'.

Well it's time to make it happen! Here's some pointers from the Team at Day1 to ensure you achieve that level of consistency in creating those healthy habits.

  1. Reflect on what's worked for you before

Was there a time were you were just, killing it? Well what made it work so well then?

Reflect back to that time and more so the level of movement you were doing.

Were you doing a group class every morning before work? Was it a Personal Trainer that kept you accountable a few times a week? Were things a bit more balanced then rather than now?

Once we've figured out what it was that made it work, how can start taking some steps to get back there

2. BE REAListic

Yes, we're all about 'finding' the time to make a change, but let's face it, if the thought of waking up before 8am scares you to death how long is this '5am everyday no matter what' commitment going to last?

We have too many options these days, so find what will work for you!


Here's the thing about a diet - they all have an end date.

Feed your body for sustainability and longevity. If you've absolutely enjoyed yourself these last couple of holiday weeks it's going to be really hard to cut back to a 1200 calories, no carbs, keto meal plan, raw only etc. etc. etc.!

Try this 3 week plan of attack.

Week 1: Cook EVERY meal - Go back to basics, restock your fridge with fresh produce, don't let any of it go to waste. The forgotten benefit of cooking your own food is you know exactly what is in it.

Week 2: Eliminate the high sugar/starch/carbohydrate options. Just because we did a good job and cooked every meal last week it doesn't mean we can continue with pasta and rice dishes every night. It's time to pick our spots, plan our meals a little better.

Week 3: Eat for our goals. It's been 3 weeks of consistent food preparation, right? Well you've also been moving again for 3 weeks consistently! Well done!

So, what do we now want to achieve? If there's some kilo's we want to lose we tweak our food plan to suit that goal, if we're trying to eat to keep our energy in check we need to match what we're burning, you now have the power!

Well there you go, some short but hopefully very helpful pointers.

In today's world we have access to help wherever wish to seek it. So if you need help with .your health, that's what were for, let us help!

*new members only*

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