Our Group Program

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Weekly Program

Up to 30 classes offered each week!

Day1 combines the following classes to create the ultimate fitness program for you. Our clients, known as 'Day1ers', can achieve their health & fitness goals by creating a targeted training program for their needs. Day1 recommends attending at least one session from each discipline for an optimal result.


Muscle Building & Improved Strength

The name says it all. Strong is designed to build lean muscle mass and improve your strength. Using large compound movements, clients can maximise their gains when performing these exercises under the watchful eyes of Day1 trainers.

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Improve Cardiovascular Health

BoxFit is performed under a fun and energetic environment. It combines boxing with other fast and dynamic exercises to improve your overall fitness wellbeing. Whether you're a first-timer or Muhammad Ali with the gloves, BoxFit is suitable for everyone.


Balance, Breathing & Flexibility

Flow is the perfect session to compliment your training.

We slow the intensity down and focus purely on the movements presented, training the body to breathe efficiently and recover the body with stretching techniques. 

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Increase Muscular Endurance

Move is a high octane class, built to test your muscular endurance. This energetic and high-calorie burning class requires you to perform fast and dynamic exercises, both with and without the addition of weights. The options are endless, but one thing is for certain - you will sweat.