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Don't let the Silly Season get too Silly!

Well, it's almost here.... Christmas! The absolute BEST time of year for many reasons, yet also the toughest time of year in regards to our health and fitness goals!

Don't stress, we're not here to tell you to 'not do this' or 'don't do that' we're purely here to give you the friendly reminder of how well you've done to build an incredibly balanced lifestyle! So we want to ensure it stays that way.

When we think December we think food, Christmas parties, food, Christmas catch ups, a bit more food, a few Christmas drinks and plenty more food! So how do we approach the 'silly season' by baking our Christmas ham and eating it too (It might catch on).

The answer is simple, ORGANISATION.

Whether you're someone who has their life planned to the very minute of every day, to someone who simply wakes up and get's on with it, there is an underlining similarity, STRUCTURE.

So when the Christmas season hits, our work life timings decrease (hopefully) and your personal life timing greatly increase (BIG HOPEFULLY)! So whether you are regimented or consider yourself a laid back individual let's run through some hints and tips on how to keep on top of your health so that those New Year's Resolutions aren't working off the damage.


Simple, it could of been this time last year where you made this decision to better your health! Why ignore it that for a couple of weeks! At Day1, we encourage the lifestyle that is fitness. You work out with us because you enjoy it as part of your routine, every health benefit you get a long that way is just that, a benefit! You train hard, you eat well, you're consistent because YOU WANT TO and it makes you feel great, you know it does, so there's no reason to stop now!


It's a hectic time of year, we know this, so let's look at the week as a whole!

"I've got a catch up with Joey on Monday, Seeing Rachel Wednesday night, Breakfast with Chandler on Thursday morning, then I'm pretty free around that" (hopefully some Friends fans are reading this) - so THERE YOU GO, you've committed times to your social life, so commit the spare times you and your exercise.

Using this example "I've got Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Friday totally free. I'm on holidays so I could probably do a bit longer in the gym, I'll even try and keep my routine by getting up early, the gym will be quiet and I'll be able to get my work done before the day, then do something I want to do, or leave myself available for something that might pop up!"


This is for those that really want to stay on top of things! Make some rules to keep yourself accountable.

Not much of a drinker? Then do 5 burpees for every drink you have the next day.

Not much of a sweet tooth? Run a 1km for every 'seconds' at the dessert table you have.

Didn't cook, went the takeaway option? That's an extra set on every exercise in the gym tomorrow.

Make some rules, make it a bit of fun.


You don't have to do this alone remember! Chances are your friends that you'd love to exercise with but could never align that schedule could be at home right now twiddling their fingers finding an excuse to exercise! Well be that excuse!

Organise some catch ups based around activity! Go for a run followed by a coffee, go for a hike followed by a coffee, walk the dogs followed by a coffee! Hey we're up early in the gym we love coffee!


If all else fails or the plan just doesn't eventuate, guess what, it doesn't really matter.

You don't live this lifestyle 52 weeks of the year, so have your fun then switch right back on.

Are you back at work on the 3rd, the 5th or the 7th? Well make that your return date, commit back to yourself and the lifestyle you worked so hard the previous year to build! They say you're only as bad as you're last bad meal, so decide which one is that bad last meal!

We don't have to wait until 2022 to start our Day1, let's start NOW! If you'd like to experience the Day1 difference, we'd love to invite you in for a FREE TRIAL WEEK, simply click the link below. As an added incentive, If you come on board by the end of the year, your first 2 weeks in 2022 are on Day1!

So stop saying 'One Day' and start Saying 'Day1'

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