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6 Week Challenges... What's the point?


Does this refrain sound familiar when considering a '6 or 8-week challenge'? We understand that some of us have more profound health and well-being goals beyond just what the scales indicate!

At Day1, we take pride in ensuring that our challenges are not only loads of fun but also inclusive for everyone who walks through the Day1 doors.

It doesn't matter to us what your 'why' is; what matters is that we can assist you in achieving that 'why'!

Apart from the obvious benefits of cleaning up your diet, training hard, and shedding pounds, there are some incredible advantages that a challenge can offer. Let's explore these benefits and see if we can align our goals with some of these suggestions.

Short-Term Benefits:

1. Motivation Boost:

Our 6-week challenges provide participants with a clear and exciting goal to work towards in the short term. Knowing that there's a finish line just six weeks away can be a powerful motivator, pushing you to give your best effort in every workout.

2. Accountability

These challenges often involve a supportive community, trainers, or coaches who help hold you accountable for your workouts and nutrition choices. The fear of letting yourself and your teammates down can be a potent force in ensuring you stay committed throughout the challenge. BOOK IN YOUR SESSIONS

3. Rapid Progress:

With a focused program and structured workouts, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in your fitness levels within just a few weeks. This rapid progress can be incredibly satisfying and encourage you to keep pushing your limits.

4. Nutritional Guidance, or perhaps Nutrition re-awareness

Meal plans, or simply cutting out the take-away and processed food options. Learning about proper nutrition and seeing how it positively impacts your body in a short period can be an eye-opening experience that sets the stage for long-term dietary changes.

5. Establishing Healthy Habits:

The short-term nature of these challenges makes it easier to adopt and solidify healthy habits. Over six weeks, you can establish a routine that includes regular exercise and better nutrition, setting the foundation for lasting change. How long do they say it takes to create a new habit?hmmm

6. Recapture your routine:

Completing a 6-week challenge can help you establish a regular exercise routine. Consistency is key in fitness, and having the discipline to stick to a schedule is a valuable long-term skill.

7. Community and Support:

DAY1 COMMUNITY - form lasting bonds with your fellow challengers. Having a supportive fitness community can keep you motivated and engaged in your fitness journey for years to come. But most importantly, HAVE FUN

We simply look at our challenges to GET THAT BALANCE back.

As silly as it may sound, commit to yourself for 6 weeks. Make a change, feel the difference and enjoy the positive impact these challenges can have on you and those around you!


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